The complexity of a commercial mortgage can be challenging for most but we make it simple by providing the experienced support through all phases of the transaction; before, during, and after. We ensure the funding is consistent with the corporate strategy and help achieve the maximum value of the leverage.

Our expertise in credit structuring and risk management provides an exceptional advantage to the lenders and hence smoothens the process for our clients. Most clients are too busy to know their loan structuring options and/or they deal directly with one bank, instead of using a broker who can present a number of loan structuring options across a range of lenders. They just become a ‘volume/transactional sale’ for the lender, we want to avoid that by getting at the forefront and reviewing the overall financial situation to successfully underwite and present to the appropriate lender. 

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Business financing can be a complicated and daunting process, but we make it simple. Our advisors understand the current lending market and are dedicated to getting you the required funding for your business. With access to over 50 lenders, we believe we can find a lender to fit almost every business need.​

Business advisors at LLFM help you assess your financing options, and refine your business plan for presentation to lending institutions and secure your funding. The process is simple:

Business financing process


The mortgage industry has gone through a great deal of changes over the past few years, and the market continues to evolve. If you’re looking for an alternate residential mortgage, the process can feel overwhelming, the paperwork confusing, and the time it takes to close the loan seems endless and the rate can be high. 


We are able to harness our relationship with alternate lenders and through the expertise of seasoned agents and brokers make the process easier, comfortable and hassle free. With access to all institutional lenders and access to an exclusive network of alternate lenders, MICs' and trust funds as well as private investors, we are in a favorable position to handle all types of alternate mortgages.

Our advisors work with you; from understanding your need to calculating the possibilities, reaching the right lenders, negotiating the rates and honing in on the best available option that suits your needs.

Residential Mortgage Process


We are dedicated to providing unique expert perspectives on Real Estate Investments. With expertise in underwriting and risk management, we look to increase your bottom line by focusing, analyzing and monitoring key performance indicators of each investment. 










Our advisors use a bigger picture approach to assessing the real estate investment vehicles and shortlist the investments that can improve your returns with managed risks.

We are always planning ahead, managing risk, facilitating results, and helping you achieve your investment targets.

Real Estate Investments
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